Billminder for Windows 8


Billminder, my first windows 8 app has finally hit the store. This is how I describe it in my wanky store description:

Billminder is a minimalist and elegant solution for controlling your expenses. With innovative infographic style display you can see at a glance how much you have to pay. Billminder features a live tile showing the next 30 days of bills so you will never miss a payment.


Year View

Month View

From a developers point of view Billminder is a html/js app. Coming from a mainly C# (but with plenty of web experience) background I actually javascript really refreshing. The time it takes to get something on the screen feels much reduced compared to the strict MVVM structure I have used in the past. I used a number of really great libraries including db.js for data storage, d3.js for cool visualisations and moment.js for working with dates. I should have some posts on specifics up in the nearish future so if you see something in the app you want and you want to know how it works let me know.

If you like the app obviously you should buy it and rate it 5 stars but you could also vote for it on - an awesome competition for Windows 8 developers.

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